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Pets are Family Too

Healthy Pet Treat

May 5, 2011
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While I had heard that juicing wheatgrass is very healthy for us, I did not realize that it would be so beneficial for my cat, Spaz, or that he would simply love it so much. I started to realize that he was missing something from his diet when on walks around our backyard (yes, I […]

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Natural Injury Treatments for Your Dog

June 18, 2009

Although I don’t have a dog myself, I came across an interesting article by Richard Pitcairn, doctor of veterinary medicine, who has natural treatment options for bites, bumps, or burns that could happen to your dog (especially with time spent outdoors in the summer). He even recommends carrying along first-aid treatments, such as those noted […]

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Homemade Treats for Kitty

December 1, 2008

Have you ever looked at the small print of ingredients listed on your kitty’s favorite treats? If not, pull them out and glance at the delicious, nutritious ingredients- wait a minute- delicious and nutritious ingredients? Are we referring to the poultry by-product meal listed as number one or perhaps the animal digest a few more […]

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Don’t Meth with Meth

October 14, 2008

Strange find. Finally, I thought I’d found a solution that would allow us to get a cat for the garage (and ok, in the basement occasionally to hunt) without Justin dying – Allerpet C. This product is found all over the Internet by the way, at a range of prices. The first time I found […]

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