Clean Start Affiliate Resources

Clean Start Affiliate Resources

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate for Clean Start!

All affiliates will earn a 50% split on any sales made through their referral link, and I would be honored to have you share this eBook with your readers.

To Sign Up…

Click here to join the affiliate program and you will need to sign up with E-junkie if you are not already registered.


Payments will be made during the first week of each month for any eBooks sold during the previous month. Payments are made automatically through Paypal, so you will need to link your E-junkie account to your Paypal account during the sign-up process.

Using Your Links

Once you’re logged in, there will be an option to Get Affiliate Code.

Click on that and select Openeyehealth from the dropdown menu. Then click Get Affiliate Code again.

Right now I only have one product available for affiliate promotion, so you will need to click on Get Affiliate Code again.

You will send readers to my sales page by using the Hop Link Code (you will still earn a commission on the sales).

Paste the code in the HTML editor of your blog.


You can choose from the promotional images below to promote the eBook on your site. To create a clickable image, use this code. If you have any problems creating a clickable image, please let me know and I will be happy to help.


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