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Ingredient Watch List

Natural Instant Hand Sanitizer

January 1, 2009

Hand sanitizers should not be considered a replacement for soap and water, but can be a convenient way to get peace of mind in the grocery store, on vacation, and even for spritzing door handles in public facilities. However, reports about bugs growing resistant to the market’s current antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers; inclusion of […]

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Homemade Treats for Kitty

December 1, 2008

Have you ever looked at the small print of ingredients listed on your kitty’s favorite treats? If not, pull them out and glance at the delicious, nutritious ingredients- wait a minute- delicious and nutritious ingredients? Are we referring to the poultry by-product meal listed as number one or perhaps the animal digest a few more […]

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Can Your Soda

November 23, 2008

You may consider yourself a Coke or Pepsi kind of person. Even I have been known on occasion to enjoy a Coke or do the Dew. And there’s no denying that these soda corporations have built a niche into our culture too, as we see their celeb-endorsed logos plastered all over tv, at sporting events, […]

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Don’t Meth with Meth

October 14, 2008

Strange find. Finally, I thought I’d found a solution that would allow us to get a cat for the garage (and ok, in the basement occasionally to hunt) without Justin dying – Allerpet C. This product is found all over the Internet by the way, at a range of prices. The first time I found […]

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