Can Your Soda

Can Your Soda

by Sarah on November 23, 2008

You may consider yourself a Coke or Pepsi kind of person. Even I have been known on occasion to enjoy a Coke or do the Dew.

And there’s no denying that these soda corporations have built a niche into our culture too, as we see their celeb-endorsed logos plastered all over tv, at sporting events, and on clothing.

In many locations, including restaurants, gas stations, the company picnic, schools, sporting events, the mall, & theme parks, one of your biggest choices is made between Coke or Pepsi . . . and, except for the occasional mishap of being told, “we only serve [here insert Coke if you love Pepsi; and vice versa] products”, you’re probably just fine with that.

But have you ever looked at another side of soda ? That is, the actual chemical reactions that take place in your body when you consistently dose yourself with the phosphoric acid, caffeine, and super refined sugar (or worse, aspartame).

And with new findings indicating soda plays a heavy hand in the development of ADHD, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, gout, and more, one might have to stop and wonder what it really is that is being so heavily marketed to us.

Because somehow, diet soda was found to actually contribute to obesity!

Mass consumption of soda is definitely one of the bigger assaults on human health. However, kicking a soda addiction can be tricky, and solving the headaches and cravings may require you to think outside the bottle (or can).

For example, an interesting idea – make your own soda! Using just:

1. Carbonated water

2. Powdered fruit concentrate

3. Stevia

You can enjoy a flavorful, energizing beverage that gives you a fizzy fix and is still safe! Because you cut the caffeine and other harmful additives, and on top of that, give your body a boost with fruit nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, drinking soda can actually be smart – if you do it yourself!

I am going to try experimenting with my own recipes, and you may want to as well. Being in control of what you put in your body, as well as knowing the form and function of the ingredients, are a huge aspect of health freedom.

Making your own soda can also significantly cut your spending on store-bought sodas.

Why not try it?

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Michelle November 25, 2008 at 8:39 pm

It’s scary to think that such a common, really almost staple beverage in America is so harmful to the human body. Thanks so much for offering an alternative enjoyable drink! :)

_)(_)$Ti/\/--_-**-->> January 8, 2009 at 9:24 pm

I love the idea of a great tasting and healthy alternative to regular soda. I’m assuming this would be great for diabetics especially. Any ideas or easy recipes for diabetic consumers?

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