Natural Mildew Prevention Spray

Natural Mildew Prevention Spray

by Michelle on March 21, 2011

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I love the idea of keeping the bathtub clean and mildew-free between deep cleanings, but this doesn’t always seem to happen. Doesn’t it amaze you how dirty a tub can get when it’s a place where soap and water hang out?! I’ve decided that an anti-mildew spray is really key and I’ve made a few different types to try myself. However, it will be a while before I can determine which one works best as I need to allow some time to test each one.

Basically, you want to be able to use the mildew prevention spray after a shower or bath and not have to rinse it off. You also want it to be natural so there’s no wondering what you’re breathing in when you spray it every day. I’ve found 3 good options to do this which are below:

  • Combine equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Vinegar has disinfecting power, is anti-fungal,and thus helps to prevent mold growth.  *Do not use vinegar near natural stone surfaces
  • Add several drops of tea tree oil to a spray bottle full of water. Tea tree oil is also anti-fungal with disinfecting properties.
  • For every cup of water used, add several drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract which has anti-fungal properties as well.

Have you tried any of these for mildew or do you have another combination that works for you?

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