Easy Scrambled Eggs & Veggies

Veggies for Breakfast!

by Michelle on June 7, 2010

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I am very sorry for my delay in posting! Luckily, I think the technical difficulties are finally over and I have added kombucha pictures and am ready to tell about my latest Sunday Chef recipe which is simply scrambled eggs and veggies. The catch is that they actually taste delicious together.  And I say veggies loosely because I just use whatever I happen have in the fridge that will cook up nicely.

This time I had used broccoli, asparagus, and mushrooms, then topped the dish with freshly diced tomatoes. YUM! To start, I usually mix 2-3 eggs in a small bowl with a splash of milk and dash of salt and pepper. I melt butter in two small pans and saute the veggies in one and cook the scrambled eggs in another.

I have tried combining them by sauteing the veggies then adding the eggs and scrambling them in the same pan. This works and tastes fine, but the outcome of the eggs isn’t quite as nice looking. So I now cook them separately, then add the veggies to the scrambled eggs and mix them once everything is done. If I have cheese on hand, I might sprinkle some of that on at this time so it melts a little.

Then you can top the eggs and veggies with anything you like such as freshly chopped herbs, salsa, etc. In a pinch, this can also make for a great lunch or dinner :)

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