Kombucha Part II

Kombucha Part II

by Michelle on May 24, 2010

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So you can imagine what I’m sipping right now as I write this post! I am very thankful that my first attempt at kombucha was successful. After letting the kombucha brew/set for about 10 days (without moving it), I removed the large mother scoby (pictured left), with clean hands and no rings, and placed it in a small mason jar with enough kombucha to cover it.

I also removed my new “baby” scoby which grew from the mother and placed it in a separate jar of kombucha. My baby scoby looks like a cute little pancake (pictured right)!

After doing this and straining the kombucha (straining is not necessary, but I preferred it), I still had plenty left to enjoy (pictured above). It tastes pretty sweet still, like sweet tea, but unfortunately mine has lost the fizz. I had covered it tightly in mason jars, but I actually need flip-top bottles in order to keep in the fizz.

I am going to try EZ Cap bottles for my next batch which are recommended on other kombucha making websites. I actually met a woman at a recent health event who even puts frozen raspberries in the kombucha before bottling it for some extra flavor- yum!

Now it’s time to explore some of the health benefits of this wonderful fermented drink! Kombucha helps detoxify the liver and is also said to prevent and possibly fight cancer (this is mostly from personal experiences people describe than scientific testing). Either way, I’m truly hopeful that it does prevent it by ridding toxins from the body and I certainly don’t trust anyone profiting in the cancer “industry” that may knock it anyway.

In addition, kombucha is “live” and contains probiotics which can help with digestion. What a great benefit since digestion is of the utmost importance to the body! In addition, there are anti-oxidants in it that help to boost the immune system. I can’t say no to all this goodness, especially since it tastes delicious and has the refreshing, fizzy carbonation I crave (well, the next batch will anyway), especially in the summer!

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Mary May 21, 2015 at 11:03 am

This is my second attempt at kombucha … Is it ok that my scoby isn’t floating on the top.. It’s the second day and it’s floating in the middle.

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