Toxic Body = Bad Breath

Toxic Body = Bad Breath

by Michelle on December 20, 2009

The number of mints, gum, mouthwash, and breath-savers available on the market are a sure sign of the bad breath plaguing this country. But what many people aren’t aware of is how toxins in the body affect their breath. Natural News recently posted an informative article on how bad breath is actually directly related to a dirty colon.

Most people will notice bad breath when they wake up in the morning which due to the detoxification process that occur while the body is resting and has a break from the daily focus on digestion. The worse a person’s morning breath is, the more toxic their body is.

However, if a body goes through a deep detoxification and cleansing, the body will no longer be holding the nasty toxins that are causing the bad smells (which also include body odor in addition to bad breath). As a result, the body would exhibit no bad morning breath or bad breath throughout the day.

Our bodies can become toxic very easily (due to processed foods, environmental toxins, chemicals in hygiene products, etc.), and bad breath and body odor will be some of the first symptoms. Focusing on regular detoxification is important as even though bad breath and body odor may seem like relatively small issues, increased toxicity over time could lead to additional, worse health issues.

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