Easy Homemade Foam Handwash

Homemade Foam Handwash

by Michelle on December 27, 2009

I ran out of liquid soap this weekend and had to come up with a quick (yet still healthy) replacement.  With the farmer’s market closed for the season and very limited options at the health store, it was time to whip up a homemade recipe for foaming soap.

I happened to have an empty foaming soap bottle on hand (if you don’t have one you can get one from Amazon.com or possibly from a pharmacy). I found this easy recipe and combined one part Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap (which we already know is healthy from our easy homemade dish soap) with 5 parts water in the bottle. I shook it well, then added a few drops of grapefruit essential oil so it would have a light citrus fragrance.

You can choose what essential oil you would like to use for the scent and if you want anti-bacterial properties in the soap you could use tea tree oil. You can also adjust the quantities of soap and water if the consistency/”soapiness” is not to your liking; however, I found that the one to five parts was perfect for me.

Using a foam bottle makes soap last so much longer and you still get enough for clean hands each time. Even though I made this recipe in a pinch, I definitely plan to make it again, maybe even with a different scent!

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