Sign the Health Revolution Petition

Sign the Health Revolution Petition

by Sarah on March 11, 2009

One of the perks of living in a so-called free country is that we are allowed to have our own ideas about how things should be. Further, we can share our ideas with hrpour elected officials and encourage them to see things our way. And if there are enough of us who feel the same way about the same subject, then we become a force powerful enough to influence our politicians to form our ideas into a democratic reality.  This is also called a petition.

I will almost always lend my signature to a petition I believe in because, as small a grain of sand as my name might be, I know each and every grain is what creates the beach – which becomes more than just the sum of the grains of sand, the beach becomes an entity in itself. But it starts, and builds, one grain at a time.

This petition, the Health Revolution Petition, excites me because if the politicians take it seriously, it will completely overhaul our flawed health care system and virtually eliminate the current disease industry paradigm. More details are in the petition, but it basically covers 10 key points.

  1. Federal govt initiatives for personal health responsibility and proaction
  2. Restore freedom in healing practices, education, and decisions
  3. Overhaul FDA conflicts of interest, corruption, & censorship (regulate the “regulators”)
  4. Food supply measures – end GMOs and harmful food additives, require honest labeling, establish sound practices of commercial farms
  5. End the medical industry’s infatuation with junk science; restore true scientific practices in the medical research field
  6. Dethrone Big Pharma
  7. Protect children from dangerous foods and products that are currently ubiquitous
  8. Ban carcinogens and other dangerous artificial chemicals in personal and cosmetic products
  9. Support disease prevention, especially in relation to vitamin D
  10. Protect us and our environment from chemical and drug companies, including removing fluoride from the public water supply

As you can see, this petition is pretty comprehensive and it aligns with all our principles here at I have signed the petition and I would encourage everyone who reads this to do the same – but take it one step further. Pick one bullet point that hits closest to your heart, and then pick one action item from that bullet point. Make it YOUR action. Many many things we are asking our government for, WE can initiate on our own. Think about some ways you can help accomplish this goal – maybe you know someone who’s in the right place. Maybe you have a special skill you can use to promote your action item. Health is about you, and it’s about action. Let’s get started today – and please share – we’d love to know what you’re doing out there!

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Michelle March 12, 2009 at 11:31 am

Thanks for this informative post! I will read the petition in detail tonight and then pledge my support with a signature!

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