Attention Ladies! This Book is a Must-Read

Attention Ladies! This Book is a Must-Read

by Michelle on March 29, 2009

Taking Charge of Your FertilityI have recently come across a amazingly informative book called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. While this book contains empowering information to help women understand and use natural birth control (meaning no hormones, pills, etc.) or help them to become pregnant naturally, I believe that this book contains useful (and necessary) information for all women.

The book offers a complete and understandable guide to what is normal for women and the specific reasons for the many changes in a woman’s body throughout every monthly cycle. And, maybe I’m simply naive, but my first shocker in this book was that a woman cannot get pregnant at just any time during a cycle (there are actually only a few days in which it can happen). Now that’s something I didn’t learn in my sixth grade health class!

In addition, the book describes how to track and understand useful signs that the female body presents on a daily basis in order to see any problems or abnormalties that may be occurring, but that are going under normal radar. This presents an opportunity to help pinpoint and then treat dangerous conditions that might not otherwise have been caught as early.

And, believe it or not, this book is truly easy to read. It is packed with information, but presented in a casual, understandable, and sometimes even humorous way! The main reason for my purchase was the many positive reviews online and the hundreds of great reviews on (most which say “every woman should read this book!”).

Since I was still unsure of buying the copy, I checked it out of the library- and after a few chapters my own copy was shipping out with free Super Saver Shipping. I highly recommend this book and truly believe that all women can benefit from the information presented. After all, knowledge is power- use it to your advantage!

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Sarah April 2, 2009 at 8:43 pm

OMG Mich!! I think it’s fairly common knowledge that a woman is only fertile a few days a month. lol!

Seriously though, thanks for sharing this. Even though it seems like everyone is having a baby, fertility is actually going to be one of the major health issues of our generation.

It’s also pretty amazing the stuff women find out they can/can’t do when pregnant… AFTER they have the baby. I would love to see a guide like this for how to give your little zygote the best shot in life, throughout life :)

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