Socialized Health Hidden in Stimulus

Socialized Health Hidden in Stimulus

by Sarah on February 15, 2009

eyeThis is not a political blog, but that doesn’t mean the authors don’t have their opinions, and further, the changing political climate has some heavy implications on the future of health care (and many other things). Since is about, well, opening eyes to important health topics, and improving the way the world approaches health, it’s only fitting – nay, our duty – to include this important information here today.

The good folks at Americans for Prosperity have put up a great website, sponsoring an online petition that, as of this writing, more than 460,000 Americans have signed (and continue to sign, though the legislative and executive bodies have turned their backs on the People and passed the stimulus anyway).

The petition is the highlight of the site, but it’s not without other important features. A crucial point the site details is the hidden heath care socialization bundled into this package. It appears that not only is this stimulus designed to continue destroying the dollar, but it is also intent on destroying our health freedom.

The site does a great job laying it all out, citing several references as well, so I won’t repeat it all here. The two main points every American needs to know are these:

Under the new “stimulus package”, the government can (and will) now establish a central database to capture, own and control the medical records of each and every American; and bureaucracies will have access to analyze every detail of your medical records and then they will decide and approve which medical services you get based on your statistical need (in relation to everyone else’s need – and let’s face it, there’s always someone who’s worse off and another who’s better off than you. And your ability to actually pay for the medical service factors into the equation at NIL. Think there’s no way our bureaucracies could handle a task that big? Well, that’s where the billions of dollars in “new jobs” are going! Welcome to the Socialist State of America, where your “rights” are determined by some bureaucratic drone on a $40K a year salary. The corruption, waste and fraud would be entertaining if it wasn’t true).

Mike Adams foreshadowed this issue last year in this superb, chilling article. Mr. Adams also did a great podcast on the health implications of the stimulus, available on right now.

Americans are wisening up – almost half a million banded together in this last week alone to sign this petition. The fight still rages on, but here are two little words to help you win by denying the government your participation in their socialism health care scheme: preventative medicine. Now it’s more important than ever to boost your immune system and stay fit. Stay proactive (not reactive) about your health; eat right, reduce stress, detox, and get outside. Seek out a complementary health care provider. What has conventional medicine done for you lately anyway?

Update: That was a rhetorical question, but in case you’re thinking, “I just got back from the ER, and conventional medicine saved my life,” I just want to state that emergency rooms definitely have their place and I have no problem with emergency medical use.  I am speaking more in the sense of overall health and health care. This is an older article, but pretty interesting. Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US!

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