Tools For Green Cleaning

Tools For Green Cleaning

by Michelle on August 2, 2011

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When we think about green cleaning, we might mostly think about the solutions and actual disinfecting or cleaning products that we use to do the job. Buying or making your own natural and healthy cleaners is great, but don’t forget that green and eco-friendly cleaning also means using the most environmentally friendly tools that you can.

This could mean buying a good size package of reusable washcloths to use around the house instead of paper towel when possible (I got a great pack of about 8 multi-colored ones for about $3.99 that’s been lasting for months) and clean in the laundry weekly.

If you don’t want to buy washcloths, however, it can even be as simple though as cutting up some old rags or worn out clothing to use over and over again. One thing that I have found worth splurging on though was a couple of cloths I bought specifically for cleaning glass (they leave absolutely no fibers behind) and I can use them on windows and glass tables, which hardly even get dirty, and again just throw them in the washing machine when done.

Another way I try to make sure my cleaning is more green is to use a regular mop instead of something that requires disposable wipes (such as a Swiffer). While disposables was are undeniably convenient, they just add to landfills. Also, before replacing a broom, you might want to just try washing and letting it dry out. It might be almost like new when you clean the dust and grime out!

Now, if you are interested in specifically purchasing sponges and cloths that are made in a very eco-friendly manner, my personal favorite has been Twist cleaning products which I’ve purchased from Amazon. They last great and can be sterilized for use over and over again. Another thing I’ve bought is a reusable dry Swiffer wipe on Etsy- it works perfect and covers even more area than regular ones.

Another thing I like to do is minimize trash in every room, even the bathrooms (by recycling cardboard toothpaste boxes, empty cardboard toilet paper rolls, etc). But what trash there is I try to combine in to as few plastic trash bags as possible. Otherwise, any plastic bags winding up leftover in the house can be reused or recycled.

These are just a few ideas to help make your cleaning more green and if you’re interested in even more tips (including some recipes and solutions for actual cleaners), check out our Natural Cleaning section!

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Emily August 8, 2011 at 10:39 am

I save every worn-out pair of underwear and sock for cleaning. They get the job done fine! ;)

Lori Popkewitz Alper August 9, 2011 at 11:52 am

I try to use only reusables when I’m cleaning and I throw them in the washing machine when I’m done. Great tips for creating a greener environment in your home. Thanks!

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