San Francisco Breakfast

San Francisco Breakfast

by Michelle on September 13, 2009

BreakfastI made one of my favorite dishes this weekend, inspired by a fabulous breakfast I ate at a San Francisco farmer’s market this summer. It’s simple and can be whipped up in just a few minutes!

I used a fork to beat two farm-fresh eggs in a bowl until they were well mixed and added a small amount (about 1 Tbsp) of raw milk and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I stirred it again then fried/scrambled the mixture and just before it was finished I sprinkled on some raw cheddar cheese, which melted into the eggs.

As I let the eggs cool on my plate, I sliced up an avocado and added some organic Greek yogurt on the side. I then poured a mild salsa over the scrambled eggs- yum! I ended up adding a small amount of raw honey to the Greek yogurt as it has such a strong flavor otherwise and this sweetened it up just enough.

While this is a filling and delicious breakfast, it doesn’t leave me with a heavy stomach afterwords. It’s a perfect start to a Saturday morning and I hope you enjoy it if you try it out!

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Amanda Conkright October 29, 2009 at 9:43 am

HMMM that sounds yummy. I am going to have to try it. I have been getting into Greek yogurt lately.

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