Tea Tree Oil Floss

Tea Tree Oil Floss

by Michelle on July 21, 2009

FlossI came across a good find at the health store a while back that’s now become a bathroom staple. It’s a tea tree oil floss, or more technically “dental tape” made by Desert Essence. At the price of $2.99, it was actually cheaper than the CleanPaste I was buying so I had to give it a try.

The floss is waxy and thicker than regular floss, which I like for deep cleaning and getting between wider spaces. The floss surprisingly has no flavor, but works just as well as the CleanPaste. (Guess I don’t need that minty taste after all!)

According to the label, the tea tree oil floss is “naturally waxed and saturated with inherently antiseptic Tea Tree Oil”. So not only am I cleaning the gunk out from between my teeth, but I’m also simultaneously rubbing them with the naturally cleaning oil. The package for the floss also notes that it contains no alcohol, artificial color, or synthetic perfumes. And don’t worry, I remembered to check- the floss got a very good rating with the Cosmetics Database.

I’ve been toying with the idea lately of also using tea tree oil as part of a natural mouthwash and/or toothbrush cleaner so I think this is my first step down that path. More will come on this over the next few weeks!

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