Two New Natural Health Networks in Grand Rapids

Two New Natural Health Networks in Grand Rapids

by Sarah on June 1, 2009

Health consciousness is absolutely expanding – and I am thrilled to see two budding initiatives in Grand Rapids to help those of us in the “medical capital” of the state achieve a path of wellness and togetherness you just can’t find on pill hill alone.

A couple weeks ago, I met two very inspired ladies; I could sense a kinship and synergy between them immediately, and after further discussion I learned they are opening a community center in downtown Grand Rapids. This special place starts with a red front door and opens into a creative space for gathering, teaching, learning and networking in the healing arts. You can visit them online right now at, and their goal is to open their facility for service in July 2009.

Some of their services will include:

  • A monthly connection for Reiki share
  • A free Reiki night for community members in need
  • Art gallery featuring local artists
  • Business networking
  • And more!

These lovely ladies are taking on this labor of love and I see huge benefits for those souls who are lonely, lost, and need some love and light. Please consider helping them by donating any materials you may have, and of course please visit and enjoy once the center is open this summer.

In this month’s Food For Thought issue (free if you pick it up at any community location), I was delighted to read an article about Raymond Wan, a Chinese gourmet guru who is also heading up an online networking portal for natural health in the West Michigan area. His site, was briefly featured in the article and I immediately went online to check it out.

While just as new as Nature’s Spiritual Connections, I can see that the Michigan Natural Health Network is going to be a huge asset to us soon. His site will open up the door to health practitioners and seekers alike, as he provides information about the healing available to us here, resources to find a practitioner to meet your needs, and a community discussion board and news center.

I am adding both of these sites to my favorites and I suggest you do the same! Our health is just not a spectator sport. We must participate, grow, and most of all, have fun! And these two sites are fabulous destinations for all three.

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