Homemade Linoleum Cleaner

Homemade Linoleum Cleaner

by Michelle on February 1, 2009

Although I love my cats dearly, I despise the mess they make with their litter box and food/water on the linoleum floor in our laundry room. I browsed the web a bit for a “greener” way to take care of the near weekly mop job that needs to take place. After today, I’ll be replacing my throw away Swiffer wipes in favor of an extra bottle of vinegar (much cheaper!) at the store.

This afternoon, I mopped the linoleum floor using approximately 3 parts hot water and 1 part vinegar. The smell was strong, but it did a great job cleaning the floor and my hope is that it worked as a much better disinfectant than the name-brand wipes. After the floor dried, the room did not smell like vinegar at all and there were no other odors in the air.

I definitely recommend trying out this chemical free and economical cleaner you may already have on hand. Hopefully you will enjoy the same results!

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Kami February 2, 2009 at 9:25 am

I am using this for my linoleum now!

SaRi February 4, 2009 at 10:36 pm

Awesome upgrade Mich. Also, here’s a tip – instead of paying more for ‘odor control’ kitty litter, just set a small bowl of vinegar out by the litter box. The vinegar absorbs odors and only needs to be replaced every week or so.

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