Renew Instead of Buy New

Renew Instead of Buy New

by Sarah on November 10, 2008

It’s a Sweater Stone! I ordered one for free (ok, $4.99 shipping) and it’s revived a whole closet of sweaters I had put to rest due to pilling.

Great stocking stuffer!By the way, pilling tends to happen most in acrylic, wool merino, and cashmere fabrics, all textures I love and, thanks to the Sweater Stone, that will be able to keep me warm (without provoking my tendency to compulsively pill-pick) for many winters to come!

It’s simple – justĀ  gently sweep your stone (it’s very lightweight, like a pumice) across the entire garment without applying too much pressure (or you’ll stone your sweater into oblivion) – then use a lint roller to collect all the loose pills. That’s it! Your sweater (many of mine are several years old) is instantly chic again.

Also, a very cool message from Gale, the Sweater Stone rep I emailed with:

Sweater Stone is all natural,
has 100% recycled paper packaging,
and employs the functionally disabled here in Seattle for all our manufacturing needs.

So I Reduce dry cleaning (chemicals), Reuse perfectly good sweaters instead of throwing them out/buying new ones, and the paper is Recycled? My whole life, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity – the 3 R’s in one step! You’re great, Sweater Stone.

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