A Clean, Chemical-Free Toilet Bowl!

A Clean, Chemical-Free Toilet Bowl!

by Michelle on October 24, 2008

On a recent search for homemade cleaning products, I came across www.treehuggingfamily.com, an informative website helping people “go green” in their everyday lives. I stumbled upon a post offering information on how normal kitchen ingredients can be used as household cleaners and decided to try the every day toilet cleaning recipe. I left my harsh chemical cleaners in the closet and headed to the bathroom with only lemon juice and baking soda in tow.

After realizing that my two packages did not have the nice shapes of my normal bottles of chemical cleaner, I re-visited the kitchen for two tablespoons. I put the lid and the seat of the toilet up and sprinkled in some baking soda using one of the tablespoons. Since the toilet had not been flushed recently, the baking soda would not stick to the sides of the bowl well. I decided to add some lemon juice with my other tablespoon and sprinkled it carefully around the sides of the bowl. The lemon juice began bubbling in combination with the water and baking soda. I sprinkled on a bit more baking soda and this time it clung to the sides much better with the lemon juice. I left the room for about 20 minutes before returning with my toilet brush.

I barely scrubbed and the grime came off amazingly easy with the brush. It worked even better than my store-bought chemical cleaners! After just a minute or so of lightly brushing the bowl, it was gleaming white and I finished by flushing down the cloudy water that remained from my efforts. Overall, this was a safe and effective cleaning recipe which I will use on our toilets from now on. I can’t wait to try other cleaning recipes from this great resource!

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Sinergio Katarismou November 21, 2008 at 11:20 am

Excelent good article and blog. I wish good luck

alex December 9, 2008 at 11:07 pm

Add to my Bookmarks :)

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