Preparing for Summer!

Preparing for Summer!

by Michelle on May 1, 2012

Sorry I’ve gotten a little busy… but here’s what’s going on with me now!

1. Anticipating the opening of our local farmer’s market this week! Yippee!! I realized that I’ve really been slacking on eating my fruits and veggies because they have so little flavor from the grocery store in the winter. I’m excited to have those delicious items available locally again soon!

2. Cleaning out my freezer- I’m doing pretty good! Almost all of my frozen fruit is gone- mostly due to smoothie recipes. I even started helping my husband out with his many blueberries because I ran out of strawberries and raspberries. (My current smoothie recipe is below- I change them all the time!). I’m also figuring out what did and didn’t freeze well- my broccoli was awful, squash was great- and so I’m planning for this summer’s modifications. I’m also filling the freezer up with empty gallons of water- a trick to make it run more efficiently b/c an empty freezer has to run more!

3. Finishing up my canned goods and getting ready to dive in again this summer, trying even more things and modifying some. I’ve got more empty mason jars floating around my house than I’d like (I’m guessing 40+), but my goal is to fill them up this summer! My peaches and chili sauce were out of this world, but I didn’t come close to using up all my tomatoes.

4. Switching my baby to cloth diapers!!! She’s approaching four months and aside from the environmental impact of disposables, I’ve learned that MANY dangerous toxins are in them and can have an effect on babies later in life. Not acceptable! This week is the big switch for me! I will hopefully have an separate post up on this soon.

5. Asking for help! I’m trying to scope out yard work as well as housecleaning help so that I have more time to spend enjoying my baby and husband, as well as other things I enjoy doing- like home improvements and blogging :) So hopefully soon I will be able to update more.

Okay, last but not least, here is my current basic smoothie recipe- 1 banana- fresh or cut into slices and frozen for a couple hours in the fridge (boy, does that make for a creamy smoothie!). Then I add a good 1/2 – 3/4 cup plain organic yogurt (will be making it homemade again soon I hope). Then I toss in about 1/2 cup of whatever fruit I have in the freezer.

My favorite is all frozen raspberry or a combo of frozen strawberries and raspberries. BUT I am out. So now it is frozen blueberries and cherries- which are still really good! I also add in a tsp of local raw honey for a touch of sweetness. Yum!


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