Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

by Michelle on March 27, 2011

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Sweet potatoes are pretty much my new favorite food. They make absolutely delicious fries and even offer some serious nutrition including Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and beta-carotene (as much as carrots!). This recipe comes from Food Network and is super easy to make.

I had purchased a big organic sweet potato from my local health store so I washed it (but didn’t peel it) and cut it up into fry size pieces. Next, I spread the fries evenly on a baking sheet and added 1 Tbsp oil (I have also used this same amount of bacon fat from local pastured bacon- so I know it’s good quality) and the fries still turned out really good.

I used my hands to stir the fries and make sure they were all covered with the oil and then sprinkled salt and pepper on liberally. I baked the fries at 400 degrees for ten minutes, gave them a good mix with a spatula, and then baked them for another 10 minutes. You can serve the fries with ketchup or maybe even a sour cream dipping sauce – yum!


*This recipe is featured on Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s REAL FOOD WEDNESDAY and Real Food Whole Health’s Fresh Bites Friday!

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Lane' March 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Oh I LOVE sweet potato fries! When they’re in season at Burgerville I must go there weekly to get them but of course that gets REALLY expensive.

Are yours crispy or do you know what to do to make them crispier? I don’t need/like them too crunchy, but I don’t like them mushy either – I don’t know if baking them at a higher temp. for a shorter period of time (or the opposite) would help.

Michelle March 29, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Me, too, Lane’! I devour them the minute they come out of the oven :)

No, mine are not very crispy, but I actually like them that way! However, I did some reading and it sounds like there are a few easy ways to make them more crisp:

-make sure to spread fries out well on baking sheet (do not crowd)
-blanch fries before baking
-soak fries for a while in water before cooking
-mix in an egg white as part of your oil coating
-heat baking sheet in oven (with oil) before adding fries and baking
-toss the fries in a little bit of corn starch along with your seasoning and oil mix

Also, some recipes do recommend setting the oven to 425 or 450 degrees (I would just watch the fries very closely to make sure they don’t burn!). My guess is this higher temp and shorter cook time would be best. I read that the potatoes can get soft especially when overcooked.

I found these and many other suggestions at these sites:

Hope this helps! :)

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