10 Ways To Stay Fit In The Office

10 Ways To Stay Fit In The Office

by Shannon on June 26, 2010

If you work a regular office job, there’s no question about it, you’re likely fairly sedentary throughout the better part of the day.  High levels of inactivity is one of the largest contributing factors to the obesity issues that we’re facing in today’s world so it’s important that we approach this issue head on and figure out little ways we can work physical activity into our day.

The following ten tips will help you accomplish just that and will easily allow you to see the benefits of fitness all without leaving your office building.

Sit On An Exercise Ball
The single best way to strengthen the core muscles while at the office is to sit on an exercise ball.  Replace your standard chair with this and you’ll quickly find the entire abdominal area as well as the muscles that run along the spinal column will be tighter.

Take The Stairs
You’ve likely heard it before, but if you want to quickly firm the lower body muscles, nothing beats taking the stairs.  Even if you just walk two flights, five times a day, this can really add up over time.

Set An Alarm To Stretch
Most of us don’t take the opportunity to stretch often enough throughout the day so start setting an alarm to signal yourself to stretch once every two hours.  By doing so you’ll help to improve your overall focus and concentration as well.

Practice Deep Breathing
Along with stretching, another important thing to consider is deep breathing. This will automatically open up the chest better and ensure that you’re getting the oxygen you need.  As an added benefit, as it causes you to sit up your ab muscles will get called into action.

Perform Stomach Contractions Once Per Hour
To further enhance the stomach if sitting on an exercise ball is not possible, consider performing stomach contractions.  For this you simply tighten up the abs, hold, and then release for a set of ten once per hour. Do this eight times a day and you’ll quickly see a difference.

Utilize Heavy Grips
Heavy grips are an excellent tool for working on your grip strength and will be especially important if you happen to do a lot of typing throughout the day as well.  Make use of these at least once per day for best results.

Consider A Mini Exercise Bike
To get in a bit of cardio and burn off some calories, try a mini exercise bike. This one fits nicely under your desk and could be used right while you are working.  By using it daily you’ll boost your leg strength and help tone the quad muscles.

Invest In Some Tubing
Another great piece of equipment that you may want to consider is some rubber tubing.  You can perform a variety of exercises with these such as bicep curls, lateral raises, and tricep extensions. Taking a break from your busy day to do a few sets here and there will quickly provide strengthening benefits and give the body a break.

Sit Up Straight
Another vital thing that you are sure you are doing is sitting up straight throughout the day. This is going to help work all the muscles associated with proper posture and really help to make you instantly look slimmer. Often those who work office jobs do notice poor posture so spend some serious time fixing this bad habit.

Take Mini-Stepper Breaks
Finally, another way to get in some cardio if you aren’t a bike fan is a mini stepper.  This can easily be placed in the corner of your office and used when needed. So don’t let your office job get you down any longer.  With a few unique ideas, you can get in a quick workout without having to go to the gym.

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