Healthy Skincare for Baby

Healthy Skincare for Baby

by Michelle on May 21, 2009

Nature Babyz ProductsIf you remember back a few months ago to my Erzulie Cosmetics post on beautiful, truly natural makeup, you may have thought that it couldn’t get any better (I know I didn’t- and I’m still enjoying ALL of the products!). But excitingly enough, it does. Rhonda Demars, founder of Erzulie Cosmetics, has also created a new line of baby skincare products. Although I have not tried them personally as I don’t yet have a baby, ¬†ingredient-wise, in my opinion, they are some of the best and most natural baby products available.

The product line is called Nature Babyz and is featured on The products include shampoo, conditioner/detangler, body wash, baby powder, chest rub (the natural alternative to Vick’s, which has some very questionable ingredients), lotion, butt balm, a calming mist that smells amazing (I spray it on my pillow every night), and baby oil.

You won’t see any scary ingredients in these products and they are truly made with the end user (a baby!) in mind. Unlike huge companies that obviously (by their chosen ingredients) choose profits over a baby’s health, Erzulie Cosmetics carefully selects ingredients based on health and functionality. Babies simply don’t need to be slathered in mass-produced chemicals to be clean and moisturized. Mainstream ingredients may be cheap for big producers, but they are harmful and unnecessary and will be absorbed into a baby’s skin.

You won’t find any cheap fillers or dangerous, mainstream ingredients in the Nature Babyz line. You can also rest assured that the products do NOT contain any of the following ingredients: sulfates, gluten, talc, chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, acrylates, synthetic silicones, phthalates (plastic esters), BHT, petroleum bi-products, synthetic fragrances, or DEA.

As an example in comparing mass-produced baby products to Nature Babyz, if you’ve ever checked the ingredients on a bottle of baby oil at a pharmacy or grocery store you know that the oil is usually close to 100% mineral oil. Hopefully, you are already familiar with the dangers of mineral oil (you’ll find some extra-shocking information here), but it is an especially bad ingredient for babies.

The Nature Babyz oil; however, has the following ingredients: sunflower oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, vitamim E, and lavender essential oil. These are expensive ingredients to use because they are so much healthier, but the 2 oz bottle is only $4! The other items are priced similarly, and are really quite reasonable considering the quality.

Overall, the Nature Babyz products are gentle and healthy; you might even enjoy them for yourself (I’m thinking of trying out the shampoo next!). Remember that a healthy baby is not one that is covered in mainstream, chemical-based products that can lead to effects such as cancer.¬† Don’t let your baby pay the price for government and corporate irresponsibility, healthier products are available!

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