Book Review: Green Goes with Everything

Book Review: Green Goes with Everything

by Sarah on December 17, 2008

The trend of ‘going green’ is only growing, and while I question the motives of some iniatives (i.e. the Carbon Tax), there are many ways we can benefit by becoming aware of and respecting our relationship with nature.

This means reexamining our current usage of technology, chemicals, food, energy, and more, to the point where balance can become attainable again.

A real eye-opener to the particular effect of chemicals on our bodies is the book Green Goes with Everything. Authored by Sloan Barnett, who promptly admits she’s married to the CEO of Shaklee and even gives the products a few plugs, the rest of her information is accurate and valuable – even more so because her style is sharp yet simple – easy to read, identify with, and empower yourself to take control.

And even though I can’t get behind Shaklee (only because I don’t know anything about them; however if you do, buy here), I can definitely support a well-written wake-up piece.

Do you currently use conventional, ‘brand name’ household cleaning, bath and cosmetic products? Do you know someone who does, and you care about them? This is the perfect tool to shock conventional product users into “researching a safe way to dispose of all your chemicals” (no, you should not just throw them in with your landfill waste) and making a better choice for your (and your kids’) body and environment.

Here Ms. Barnett submits her opinion that the better choice is Shaklee, and for some it may be – but the point really is, it’s up to you. You are in control, and you should be aware that you don’t need to be fiscally supporting companies that are severely undermining our health and environment with chemically questionable products.

I highly recommend this book as a quick, entertaining, and enlightening read for anyone who currently buys household products at a drug store, grocery store, any big box store, dollar store, and hardware store to discover what you’re really buying. Even if ‘green’ isn’t your favorite color, the benefits can’t be denied.

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