Baby Formula You CAN’T Trust

Baby Formula You CAN’T Trust

by Michelle on December 15, 2008

Leave it to the FDA to let another chemical seep not only into our lives, but into the bodies of our most precious and delicate human beings- babies. Not only has the FDA allowed the slip of melamine into potentially 90% of U.S. sold baby formulas, but they have set a newly allowable amount based on no testing!

Melamine is a toxic chemical that causes kidney stones and kidney failure (these are only the known harmful effects) and was at first combined with formaldehyde and used to make sturdy plastics. Now this chemical has been discovered useful as a cheap filler in powdered foods and in simple nutrition tests conveniently looks like a protein (which would be an acceptable and necessary nutrient in baby formula).

Prior to the top three brands of U.S. baby formula being tested for melamine (due to a China formula scare involving the substance), the FDA’s website noted that for baby formula there was no safe level of melamine contamination. Not surprisingly, shortly after Enfamil, Nestle, and Mead Johnson (who make approximately 90% of the baby formula sold in the U.S.) baby formula tested positive for melamine contamination the FDA proceeded to announce a safe level of melamine contamination in baby formula as one part per million. This contamination level was notably set at just over the test result levels for Enfamil, Nestle, and Mead Johnson. In addition, no scientific testing was noted in defense of this newly defined acceptable contamination level.

As our babies are defenseless against this chemical, it is important that we spread this news to all parents and parents-to-be. They are the ones that can monitor their baby’s diet and ensure that toxic chemicals do not enter their bodies. Breast-feeding is a wonderful way to help ensure that chemicals such as melamine do not enter a baby’s system.

Breast milk is a nutritional substance that even science cannot reproduce. The vitamins and nutrition from a mother’s breast milk are natural and necessary for a baby. Although scientists can attempt to model it through baby formula, this still remains a mass produced factory item where profit can take the upper hand to health. Take charge of your baby’s health and avoid the baby formula the FDA is defending because they are NOT putting the health and safety of your baby first.

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