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Health Alert!

The Dangers of Dry Cleaning

February 11, 2009

As I had never previously questioned how my clothes get clean at the dry cleaners, I’ve dropped items off for years and enjoyed the clean, pressed feel. When I recently noticed a strong, unpleasant smell on my dry cleaned sweaters (that lingered even after wearing them for hours), I began wondering what goes on behind the […]

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R.O. Is the Way to Go

February 3, 2009

I’ll admit, when I read this headline today, my jaw kind of dropped: City Workers Accidentally Dump Hydrochloric Acid into Ohio Water Supply instead of Toxic Fluoride Not only does this article demonstrate how much we *really cannot* rely on government for our needs, but….. HYDROCLORIC ACID?! Wasn’t that one of the reasons our science […]

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Are Your Cosmetics Safe?

January 15, 2009

If you are anything like me, you probably have a wide variety of body care products claiming space in your bathroom. From facial soaps and lotions to nail polish and makeup, I’ve been guilty of using a variety of brands whose ingredients I did not fully question until now. Once you begin reading the fine […]

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Stay Away From Bisphenol A

December 26, 2008

For all of the thousands of times I’ve drank from plastic water bottles, I have never questioned the materials used to make those bottles until now. These convenient plastic reusable bottles have been with me through sports as a kid, through college classes, and are now a part of my regular fitness routine. It wasn’t […]

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Cocktail Carrots – Treated with Chlorine?

December 24, 2008

I recently received the following message in an email alert (thanks Grandma!) – revealing a deeper truth behind, of all the foods to which you never gave more than a good chew’s worth of thought, BABY CARROTS. The exposé began with a fact you may already know: the carrots are cut down from deformed carrots […]

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Baby Formula You CAN’T Trust

December 15, 2008

Leave it to the FDA to let another chemical seep not only into our lives, but into the bodies of our most precious and delicate human beings- babies. Not only has the FDA allowed the slip of melamine into potentially 90% of U.S. sold baby formulas, but they have set a newly allowable amount based […]

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Tyson’s Chicken Misleading to Consumers

December 8, 2008
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As a steady consumer of Tyson chicken from my local grocery store, I was horrified to hear that the labels I’ve trusted are nothing short of false and misleading. These labels led me to believe this particular brand of chicken is healthier than the others a few feet away. I cannot summarize how much extra […]

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Stay Away, FDA

October 26, 2008

Words of ancient wisdom, still relevant today: “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” – Plato By now, most people know better than to trust the FDA, but here is proof we need to go on the offensive against these tyrants (especially […]

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Don’t Meth with Meth

October 14, 2008

Strange find. Finally, I thought I’d found a solution that would allow us to get a cat for the garage (and ok, in the basement occasionally to hunt) without Justin dying – Allerpet C. This product is found all over the Internet by the way, at a range of prices. The first time I found […]

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