Reasons to Eat Slowly

Benefits to Eating Slowly

by Michelle on March 11, 2010

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You may remember back last fall when we noted that one of the tips to improving digestion was to thoroughly chew food (instead of swallowing it down as quick as possible). So not only is taking time to chew the important first step in the digestion process, but the speed of eating in general determines how your body will react to the food.

I came across the benefits of eating slowly reported in an article by, which states that eating slowly can reduce caloric intake and therefore help to prevent obesity. In a study reported in the article, two groups of people ate the same type and amount of food, but one group ate it slowly, over a period of 30 minutes, and the other group ate it within 5 minutes.

As you might guess, the group that ate more slowly showed greater signs of the hormones that make us feel full. This satisfied full feeling helps prevent overeating, but does not occur in time when foods are eaten too quickly (thus overeating can much more easily occur). Another study even showed that people eating slowly consumed about 10% less in calories than those who ate quickly.

Unfortunately, with busy schedules and lifestyles that often involve consuming meals on the go, it is easy to forget to slow down, chew thoroughly, and simply enjoy food. If you’re looking for additional tips on how to eat more slowly, such as using smaller utensils and specifically setting aside time to eat, check out this link.

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emili March 14, 2010 at 5:05 pm

LADY! How did I not know you had this website!?? I absolutely love it! I’ve written about similar topics under my blog too, although it is not solely dedicated to healthy living. Anyway, I love your writings and will frequent this blog from here on out!

Love and miss you!


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