Test Your “Green” Level

Test Your “Green” Level

by Michelle on January 16, 2010

I took a “green” quiz today to test my lifestyle at wholeliving.com and it was actually quite interesting. All you need is a piece of paper, writing utensil, and about 5 minutes. There are 12 questions about recycling, buying organic food, the types of house cleaners you use, how you get around, etc.

I scored a 28 (which is good), but know that I can do better in certain areas- such as always shopping with reusable bags (more to come on this in the next couple of weeks) and getting around on my own two legs or with public transportation (this would also be good exercise for me!). Unfortunately, this is hard to do in a Michigan winter although I have seen a few people actually biking out in the snow…

After you find out your score, there are some great tips on how to live “greener” such as setting up an recycling system in your home for plastic, glass, cardboard, and paper. My system is easy- collect enough to fill my entire car and then make a trip to the recycling center near my work.

Some other good ideas noted include purchasing items with less packaging materials and avoiding unnecessary chemicals such as those in cleaning products (we have a variety of homemade/natural cleaning products on our site if you haven’t checked them out yet). Let me know if you have any other neat ideas- there is always room for improvement!

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