Oregano for Mucus Relief

Oregano for Mucus Relief

by Sarah on November 23, 2009

We just returned from a rockin’ vacation, and I had to report back on a miracle worker that saved us both from runny noses and productive coughs threatening our good time.

Halfway through the trip, I came down with a cold, including a congested nose in the extreme. It was absolutely miserable: I couldn’t go anywhere without a box of tissues, and before the evening’s excursions I had overstuffed our hotel trash basket and car dashboard with wadded up grossness. I was blowing my nose in the parking lot, in the store, at lunch, and every 5 seconds in between. It was raw, and not the good raw as in food or fighting.

We had a big event planned that night, and I didn’t want to miss a second of it with my face in a kleenex. Finally a thought occurred to me (thank you, photographic memory, even if you are waning with age): I had done an Internet search on oregano a while ago, and remembered discovering that oregano may work for mucus relief. Most fortunately, I happened to have a bottle of oregano tablets right with me; so I decided to put it to the test.

I took 250 mg (five oil of oregano tablets) and I was overjoyed when, 20 minutes later, not only could I breathe, but I could also detach from the tissue box. During the next 24 hours after taking oregano, I only had to blow my nose TWICE! Words cannot do justice to the elation I felt from being able to enjoy my night, all thanks to a few natural herbal pills. To illustrate the enormous benefit, I composed this graph:


As you can see, I had to unload into a tissue just one more time immediately after taking the oregano, and then it was pure relief until the next morning. And even then, it was only one then and once more in the evening. The day was largely snot-free.

Oregano is a miracle for mucus relief! We were wondering just what oregano’s mechanism of action is, that makes it so effective at stopping snot. I speculated because of its antimicrobial properties, that kill the antagonizers that cause your body to make mucus in the first place. This may be partly it, however, we found that oregano also works for asthma-caused phlegm as well.

My boyfriend’s good time was also being halted; his asthma was kicking in, and he could barely breathe comfortably, in addition to the fever he came down with while we were out. So I gave him 250 mg of oregano as well; and he experienced similar relief. We were raving non-stop about so easily breathing clear and not having to hack up or blow out.

So, thank you oregano! You saved our vacation, and our tissues. To repay you for your kindness, I am posting about your benefits far and wide to the wonderful readers of this blog! Oregano, you’re the snot!

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Michelle November 27, 2009 at 6:25 pm

Thanks for sharing this great natural remedy! I’m sure I will need to try it out this winter.

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