Jala Neti!

Jala Neti!

by Sarah on April 6, 2009

I was recently diagnosed with post nasal drip – lots of inflammation in my nose and sinuses – and since the only experience I’d ever had with post nasal drip is netipot01watching Kallie knock out Adelaide’s Lament in the high school musical, I took my doctor’s (surprisingly homeopathic) advice and ordered a Neti pot.

I’ve been using it for a little over a week and I can officially say: You have not breathed until you’ve used a Neti pot. I didn’t realize I wasn’t even breathing out of my nose until I finally could again after just the first usage.

What is a Neti pot? It’s a little ceramic magic lamp-shaped pitcher that’s been used routinely in Ayurvedic medicine for millenia – but here in the good ol’ West, it’s just starting to catch on.  You use the Neti pot to irrigate the sinuses – and it’s quite rejuvenating – if only because it feels like, for 20 seconds each nostril, you are drowning in the ocean.

Using a warm salt water and homeopathic mixture, the solution flows in one nostril, rinses out the sinuses, and flows out through the other nostril. Once the process is over, the directions tell you to ‘exhale vigorously’. I would add: into a towel. Because you will be blowing out so much mucous your bathroom will look like it’s hemorraghing Kleenex. I know what you’re thinking – GROSS! I agree 100%. But I know you’ll agree with me that it’s (MUCH) better out than in!

With daily usage (I make it part of my morning routine), smokers, allergy victims and people with weak immune systems can enormously benefit with the Neti pot. If you’re constantly clearing your throat, sniffling, coughing, feeling congestion in your sinuses, or just wanting to take the freshest inhalation through your nose ever, I highly reccomend the Neti pot. I am also going to try it with warm milk (raw of course; I’ll heat it to about 104 degrees) and see if it feels a little more soothing with the probiotic boost too.

You can order your Neti pot online or find it at most Yoga stores. Let me know if you love it too!

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