Hot Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Hot Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

by Michelle on April 9, 2009

Coconut OilIf you are thinking that a hot coconut oil hair treatment sounds like an indulgent, relaxing, and enjoyable treat, you are 100% right! I had been wanting to do one for a while, and finally spent about $10 at a local health store for a jar of Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Let me first say this- it smells amazing! During the treatment, I felt like I was lounging in a tropical oasis (instead of cozying up in my pjs on the couch). To create this wonderful experience yourself, all you need are two bowls (one small, one medium size), approximately 2 tbsp of the extra virgin coconut oil, hot water, a spoon, and an old towel to wrap around your head.

The 2 tbsp of oil was a bit much for my shoulder-length hair, so I would start with less if your hair is around or shorter than that length (you can easily melt a little more later on if needed). To start, add your desired amount of oil to the small bowl and set aside. Fill the medium bowl about half full with hot water (steaming hot water from my sink worked fine). Place the small bowl inside the medium bowl, being careful not to let it tip over.

Once the small bowl is balanced in the hot water, the oil should begin melting. Grab your spoon and stir to help this process. After only a couple minutes of stirring, my oil was completely liquid (it had previously been similar to the texture of shortening). Use the spoon drip a few drops of the warm oil onto the natural part (hairline) of your hair and massage it slowly onto your scalp. Part your hair in another location and add additional drops and massage. Continue doing this until you have covered most of your scalp.

Rub the remaining oil between your hands and cover all of your hair (both outer layers and inner layers) with the oil. Once finished, use pins or a hair tie to secure your hair on top of your head. Soak the towel in the warm water from the medium bowl and then wring it out. Wrap it around your head securely and try to wait a full hour before removing. Doing this will steam your scalp and help improve blood circulation and in turn, promote healthier hair.

I waited for about 50-55 minutes before removing my towel because by that point my head was cold and I figured the steaming process must be over. I shampooed, then conditioned my hair and went to bed. The next morning, I washed and conditioned my hair again because I still noticed an oily residue from the treatment. After this second wash, most of the oil was gone and I blow dried and straightened my hair. It looked soft, healthy, and much shinier than before. And over the week I washed my hair once a day (which I know I shouldn’t do), but it did not look frizzy or dry as it normally would have without the treatment.

I plan to do the hot coconut oil treatment at least bi-weekly to moisturize my hair and keep promoting healthy hair growth. Studies have actually shown that coconut oil can help with hair growth as well as prevent hair damage and loss of protein. Coconut oil puts necessary oils (that can be stripped away with shampoos) back into hair and can reduce hair breakage and split ends.

Please let me know if you give this treatment a try, hopefully you will also enjoy the tropical experience and start noticing healthier hair!

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mudnessa April 10, 2009 at 8:18 pm

I gave myself a hot coconut oil treatment last night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut oil. I have really long(hip length), dry, coarse, thick hair and use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. Not something I recommend for fine haired people though, they definitely need to do a wash out. I did an extra scalp treatment last night because my scalp is really dry, I usually just put a teaspoon or two in the length of my hair once a week.

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