Acai & Its Benefits…

Acai & Its Benefits…

by Contributing Writer - Jessica on March 31, 2009

Upon my addiction for celebrity gossip, I stumbled across a new diet fad that celebrities are now using to lose weight. With further research I discovered that Acai has exploded on the scene in the last couple of months. The Acai berry (pronounced Ah-saw-ee) is a wonder fruit that grows in the Amazon. Acai has the same amount of protein and amino acids as an egg! Acai is also full of anti-aging properties and is good for pretty much everything in your body. The use of the Acai berry dates back over a thousand years for medicinal purposes.

Acai supports:

•    Healthy Energy and stamina levels and resistance to fatigue
•    Healthy Libido
•    Digestive function and liver health
•    Mental clarity, good focus, and a positive mood
•    Improved sleep
•    Eye health
•    Healthy immune system function
•    Anti-aging and longevity
•    Supple skin, hair, and nails
•    Cleansing and detoxification
•    Cardiovascular health, including health blood pressure and cholesterol levels

The product that I have used and liked is called Acai 100 from Genesis Today. You take a tablespoon of Acai juice twice a day, and you must use the product within 30 days after opening. It does run a little expensive, but this product is worth the money. Just using this product alone, alongside a healthy diet, I have lost 8 lbs within a few weeks.

When choosing a Acai product, make sure that it is strong, pure, liquid, NOT a tablet, powder, or capsule. Reducing the Acai berry to any other form other than liquid makes the berry weaker in performance. Another tip to use when trying to find a good Acai product is that it should be 100% pure Acai juice and not sweetened with any other juices, such as sugary fruit juices. Acai products should be “pure” and have a minimum of 25,000 mg of pure Acai per serving. Make sure it is organic! You will find these products at any health food store or online.

Don’t be fooled by all of the advertising online saying to buy their products of Acai with colon cleanse. You only need the Acai to see results like mine. If you do choose to buy the online products make sure to ask about the tips I have mentioned. For more information, please log on to

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Sarah April 6, 2009 at 8:43 am

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Jessica! My boyfriend just bought me the Mona Vie with acai… it’s pureed for supposedly better bioavailability. Although I’m sure there’s tons of sugar in it too. Thanks for this informative post!

Amanda Conkright April 9, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Thanks for the advance. I been looking into this. My friend uses the Mona Vie with acai and she loves it.

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