Organic & Natural Hair Removal

Organic & Natural Hair Removal

by Michelle on February 5, 2009

MoomAfter reading tons of positive reviews online about Moom, a natural and eco-friendly hair removal kit, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it off I was definitely intimidated about at-home hair removal, but the safe, organic ingredients and instructional video put me at ease enough to give it a try.

The ingredients in Moom are as follows: sugar, lemon, chamomile, water, and tea tree oil. Yes- 5 ingredients that I can identify and pronouce! I decided to quick plug “Moom” into the Cosmetics Database (discussed in the “Are Your Cosmetics Safe?” post) and as expected, found that it has a very good rating.

To top off my satisfaction with the great ingredients, I learned that Moom comes with 18 washable and reusable fabric strips. Moom is sticky, but unlike waxes it washes off with just water! Also, if you “Moom” a spot and miss a few hairs, you can go back and do it over again without hurting your skin.

After I made the online purchase, my only task was waiting for my hair to get to the recommended 1/2″ length for Mooming. This is not a huge problem during a Michigan winter, but still a rather uncomfortable wait. Admittedly, I probably should have waited for a few more days of growth before my first Moom experience, but I still ended up happy with the results.

I followed the directions precisely and tried the underarm and bikini line locations. I heated the Moom up for two- ten second intervals in the microwave and stirred it each time with one of the wooden applicators. The Moom was only lukewarm when I applied it because it does not have to be hot, just spreadable. I did not need to reheat at all and I used it on and off for about twenty minutes.

While there was a slight sting when pulling off the fabric strips, I can honestly say it was not bad at all in terms of pain and the Moomed areas did not bother me once I had removed the fabric. In fact, I’ve had professional eyebrow waxes done that were more painful than Mooming myself.

I did end up repeating the Mooming in a couple of spots (the instructions recommend starting with 1″ sections) and I also made sure not to apply any deodorant until the next day. The areas that I Moomed were red afterwards for a few hours and I made sure to wear comfortable clothes that wouldn’t irritate those spots.

Since I have extremely sensitive skin (even when shaving), I had red bumps for about two days after Mooming on the bikini line (no issues with underarms). Once these went away, my skin was perfect and hair-free! So much better than shaving and I don’t have to worry about it growing back for weeks! The best part is that I should not have to grow my hair that long again because Mooming is said to get even easier with use as the hair becomes thinner.

Also, if you were wondering if washing the reusable fabrics strips is easy, too, believe me, it is. After Mooming, I soaked the strips in warm water (for only a few minutes) and then rinsed them off until they were clean again. I laid them out to dry and then packed them back into the plastic box for my next use.

I strongly recommend giving this product a try if you’ve been struggling to find a easy and economical way to get rid of unwanted hair.  I paid approximately $17 plus shipping, but it will be well worth it over time (even a professional eyebrow wax normally costs $12 plus a tip). Make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully and I hope you experience the same great results I did!

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Sarah February 6, 2009 at 9:56 am

perfect timing, I was just thinking as I was doing my eyebrows last night that I need something MUCH better … thank you so much for this detailed post on your experiment, I feel much more confident in Mooming myself now!

Sarah February 15, 2009 at 10:50 am

Yay, found this at Harvest Health! It was the last box though. :(

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